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G is close to B on the keyboard, so sometimes when I go to search for Comedy Bang! Bang! related material I end up typing comedy gang bang.

See some sweet gang bang action here: http://scottaukerman.tumblr.com/



possibly my favourite scene from anything ever

ok what the hell is the x files

I sort of remember thinking that this episode was as good as TV has ever been.

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Coworkers Each Putting In Herculean Effort To Sustain Conversation For Entire Commute




Don Hertzfeldt’s The Simpsons couch gag is a wonder.

Oh. Oh my.

I agree with this writer for The Verge. Beautiful and brilliant—I would love to see a full episode like this.

This is totes rad.






- Uncle Noam


- Uncle Noam


Some £1 designs from this morning’s competition

"Michael Barrymore, giving a thumbs up with ‘Awight?’ round the edge" - Garry Brogden

"Prince Harry in his SS uniform" - Thomas Nugent

"This is a serious issue. Something simple, yet elegant. Something that can really demonstrate how great Britain is. Obviously it has to be the crudely drawn cock and balls." - Phil Jones

I’ll be submitting one of these to
HM Royal Treasury so fingers crossed.

I wish I lived in a world where any of these were a possibility.


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You go on WTF, and the host is like ‘Why should I care about you?’ Then you go on The Nerdist, the host is like ‘I care about you too much.’ Then you come here, and the host isn’t aware of what’s happening at all, or who the person is, and all he wants to do is wait for you to say the words ‘my wife.’

—   Paul F. Tompkins, Comedy Bang Bang Best of 2013 Part 3 (via jrnny)